Here are a brief list of our recent finished and on going projects. If you wish to contact us about your project(s), please email us at sales@fafaa.com or fill in the online form. We will contact you immediately.

Ecommerce Website

This project is about filling in the contents of the e-commerce Website.

Skills required: Flash, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Customer: Illinois, USA

Opensrs System Integration

Integrated the Tucows Domain Registration System into a web hosting website. The system allows users to search for their domain name and register it with a web hosting plan. Also, merchant account integration with Moneris.

Skills required: Tucows opensrs domain registration system, merchant account configuration, PERL, CGI, HTML, CSS, MySQL.

Customer: Canada

Ecommerce Website

Added functionality to ecommerce website.
1) Added categories to existing User Profiles: search online user/sellers, photos upload and sharing, members interaction, discussion forums.
2) Added categories to existing Seller Profiles with E-commerce options - implement an affiliated travel functionality.

Skills Required: ASP.NET, Database development, Ecommerce Website, SQL server.

Customer: California, USA


Web Design and Web Development

Designed and developed website for GrandPalaceBanquets.com.

Skills Required: HTML, Flash, CSS, PHP, MySQL.

Customer: Illinois, USA

Web Design and Web Development

This is a myspace.com like social website. People can sign up and chat with each other. Website design and development.

Skills Required: HTML/XML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.

Customer: Texas, USA



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